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"Shall We Play A Game?"

Coming soon...

Remember this scene?

"Shall we play a game?"

What if we could play a different game... one about creating a world where the adventure of exploring brave new worlds had replaced the fear that has us constantly waging war... a game about how best to make "a world at peace" replace "a world at war"?

That's what the Integrity Day Project will be about.

You can read about the primary inspiration for this project here: The World Game

Stay tuned....


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    1. Your memory is correct. In case you don't recall, this link is to how the movie ends...

  2. It is remarkable how this vision resembles the vision of the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Agenda which has at it's core the Sustainable Development Goals, which brings together all the major issues important to our future survival - in a truly humanist vision for humanity !!! Very exciting and interesting !!! ----


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